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I Have Been Where You Are

If you have lived, you have a story. Some stories have more plot twist. For years, I was stuck as Little Al; the inner child who grew up with a mother who struggled with her mental health and drug addiction. My childhood trauma lead to unhealthy habits and damaged relationships. 
I became obsessed with hacking my thoughts, actions, and taking control of my life. I realized that everything in my life happened for my growth. I found a way to use my past like a slingshot to reach my full potential.
Now, as the CEO of Wilson Universal Coaching and I help people and organizations turn their adversity into growth. My obsession to change my life lead to the creation of the PhenomenAl Growth Systems; PhenomenAl Life and the PhenomenAl Workplace.  I’ve taken the most effective frameworks from over 30 years of coaching across 7 industries and created a proven plan to transform your life and business. 
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, or someone dealing with a tough challenge, what you create starts with your beliefs about your story. Your beliefs are the foundation of everything you create and greatly impact how you show up in relationships.  It’s time for you to rewrite your story, turn the page, and create the PhenomenAl life you deserve.

Life and Business Can Be Challenging

Listen, from someone who’s seen the highs and lows, I want to share a truth with you: the foundation of your success, both in life and in business, is built on the soil of your personal beliefs, your self-awareness, and the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. It’s like this – if you neglect your own growth, it’s as if you’re building your dreams on quicksand.

Not focusing on your personal development is a critical mistake that can lead your business leadership style astray, affecting your team, your vision, and, ultimately, your bottom line. Remember, you have the power to change your life and, by extension, the trajectory of your business. So, let’s get serious about our personal growth, because, as I’ve learned, when you grow on the inside, everything else you touch grows too.

I'm on a mission
to help others
change their lives

Imagine a life where the chains of your past no longer hold you back, a life where you harness the power of your adversities to fuel your journey towards happiness and success.

As we work together, you’ll find yourself stepping into a world where your dreams are not just possibilities but realities. Your increased self-awareness and refined personal beliefs will become the solid foundation upon which your business and personal life flourish. Imagine leading with confidence, inspiring your team with a vision that’s both bold and achievable.

Your business will not only see growth in its bottom line but also in the satisfaction and well-being of everyone connected to it. This is not just about overcoming; it’s about thriving, transforming your hurt and adversity into happiness and success.

Let me guide you towards not just the life you need but the one you rightfully deserve.

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